Monday, March 21, 2005

Food for/during thought 

Sunday afternoons normally mean Indian lunch for me and I normally try to go alone for it. This not only gives me some time on my own and but I also love to just sit back for a while and observe people around me. Three thoughts from today's trip:

1. I saw a couple eat lunch where the guy was visually challenged. Yet they were smiling and eating and were completely lost in their own World. She was so happy with him and his smile more than revealed the mutual nature of this feeling. To me it was love in one of its purest forms. There were so many of us with eyes out there but we were still missing some of the things that this guy was seeing. Beautiful.

2. On the way to the restaurant my car was going head to head with another car. The road ahead of us was empty and we could have both sped off. But we dint. For almost two minutes we drove exactly next to each other and we acknowledged the trip with a meeting of the eyes. After that the middle aged gentleman took a right turn and we parted. That's when it struck me that every day we make so many temporal acquaintances. People who serve us in a restaurant, people we stop on the road and ask us for the time, people we brush against, the girl in the clothes shop who gives a practiced smile and says, "Hi, how are you doing? Let me know if you need any help". Have we ever thought abt these people after these fleeting encounters? Will we recognize them if we bump into them again? So transient yet so true.

3. There were several other thoughts that struck me during the course of the meal and that's when I realized that the great philosophers were probably not great thinkers - they might have simply been lonely people who had Sunday lunches on their own :))


I agree with you on all 3 counts :)
have you seen wong kar-wai's "chungking express"? its about two chance encounters. one of them develops into something more, the other one doesnt. beautiful film.
@kumari - i knew i could 'count' on you :)

@anon - haven't seen :( but i have an episode of Dharma and Greg which showcases how the two met. The whole episode showed that the two of them crossed paths gazillion times before t hey actually met. pretty cool :)
D&G? Wow. Don't tell me the beginning of DDLJ was based on that! :D

Btw, lovely post. :) Sagnik the philosopher. :)
@Rajsh - wow dint notice the ddlj thing till you mentioned - really nice. for that matter even in K3G shahrukh and the grown up Hrithik cross each other in a crowded England St without realizing.

as far as the cmpliment - thank you thank u thank you :)
but you are right !!
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