Sunday, March 27, 2005

From Cabbies with Love 

Apologies for the slightly sporadic blogging. Moi was traveling over the weekend and finally saw something that I had heard abt a zillion times - an Indian taxi driver. Till date I've always got non-Indian taxi drivers, even though a huge fraction of the Western World associates Indians with taxi drivers and Motel owners (and I believe that there is a fair amount of truth in this supposition). Yanyay, sans, digression - I quite enjoyed the fact that I dint ever get in touch with Indian cabbies. For starters, I generally don't like to talk when I'm in the car and with cabbies from India, a conversation is inevitable. For that matter, two of my cab rides this trip were courtesy Indian cabbies and these were a common set of questions both of them asked.

Are you from India?
Which part of India are you from?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Do you plan to settle here?
Is Computer Science still big?
This one was a new one - Are you planning to go back to Bangalore?

One of them asked me - What does your Mummy Papa do?
Who pays for your education here?

I also had a very different conversation with two of them but that deserves a separate post.

EVERY single taxi driver in Chicago is a desi, and I mean EVERY one. Its freaking crazy.

What's weird is that they are invariably from Hyderabad - BUT, its not always the Hyderabad we think of.
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