Friday, March 25, 2005

From Geekland with love 

Yup! This conversation proves that I have geekiness in me too :)

Girl: I wanted to tell you something but then I forgot.
Me: Think think! I am sure you will remember it
Girl: Nope, I have a very bad short term memory. However, I remember old things very well.
Me: That means you are just like a computer. You have a very limited amount of L1 cache to hold temporal information but you do have a larger and more stable secondary storage.
Girl: Yes, I can hear the Geek speak.

Tweak tweak.

And if this girl happens to have continuted the conversation with you after THAT... Dude !! Hold on !!! There is a future there !!
hmmm, did she keep talking to me? don't remember. my short term memory is bad too it seems :)
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