Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Grad Student Dilemma 

I had a difficult choice to make yesterday afternoon. What many would say was a tricky situation. Slippery business. Blah and blah!

So here was the problem - I had registered for a class which I "didn't have to" take but had anyway signed up for fun. Sadly, the class was scheduled from 6-9 in the evening and something told me that I would not be able to manage it too well at those times. So I could either keep it or drop it (duh). Then I thought of attending the first lecture and making up my mind. Then the problem struck me. If the first lecture was bad then my choice would become extremely simple. However, if the lecture was good and the 6-9 timings took its toll on me then I'll feel twice as bad dropping the class later. So I could either attend the class and feel good abt having no regrets to drop it OR attend the class and later feel terrible abt dropping it. The grad student mind was flustered.

Shall not disclose what I finally did but people who know me well enuff wouldn't have any problems guessing :)

you went for a movie ! :)
yes i did :)
Check this out:
Darnnnneddd typo!
@Biplab - woah! and the site seems to be quite popular too :) grrrrrr!
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