Friday, March 04, 2005

Guess who's back, back again? 

Aha! Moi is back from my 24 hr blogging hiatus. I needed a day off to debug some code before I rebug the people. So for the few kind ones who missed me, "Thank you!" and for the remaining who are cringing at my return ... "I know what you are going through! Whacchya gonna do ?" :)

I got a very interesting mail this morning - from a Mr. Rajat Dave. A few days back, I wrote a little something that they put up on Sulekha. Now this lil story also had a character called Rajat Dave (I even recall Antara and Ani discussing the possibility of some Kolkata chap sharing the name). My character Rajat Dave was working for an MNC and traveled a fair bit. As it turns out, the real life Rajat Dave works for an MNC too and has his share of frequent travels. So he mailed me to inform me of the coincidence. Spooky, eh?

So I've decided to make the best out of the situation. For those of you who are wondering what that would imply - well, well; I've started working on a new story for Sulekha that involves a hot, siren-ish woman falling madly in love with me :) ... and Yes, I AM checking my Inbox frequently to have her acknowledge the coincidence too :)

Back when I was in Class 7, my friends created a fictitous girlfriend for me named Gauri Sanyal. Maybe I should write a fictitous story of our brief and fictitous youthful love affair. Who knows what might develop?
@Ani - don't forget to provide us with all the "gauri" details :)
Haha... I had mailed a fictitious person sometime back (back when there was too little to do, too much time and an over-active imagination...) and he mailed me back, much to my joy! :) So, who knows...

And welcome back!
@Soup - oh when we were young (back in the 60s) we used to write to agony aunt columns posing as real people who we knew. Thats some "real" fun :)
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