Monday, March 14, 2005

Hear Say 

Heard this line during a conversation today.

"Just a second. I will open the Internet and check it." :) We started laughing and one of the friends commented that he had actually heard someone say, "Wait I will download the net and then check it."

Blogger opened the comments page after so many tantrums i actually forgot what i came to say.
Guess i was too open minded n the comments fell out :(
@Kumari - that was brilliant - or in the words of one of my friends out here "too cool da, jusht too cool" :)
Ah! The snob in the CS major rears his ugly head. Wait till I mention about the CS major who thought Transport Phenomena was all about sending data packets across the internet.
@modi - how dare you bad mouth my fellow techie - specially when a Chem Eng thought transport phenomenon was a brach of the BEST bus service ... how dare u?
OK. I got one for you. Did you kow abt the CS major who thought Mass Transfer was all about moving his crate to the common room at the end of the semester?
Heard one aunty speaking to the other .. "Shipra.. did you CUT the ticket for the movie?" ;)
Reminds me of an incident when one of mech engineer (fresh out of college) joined Infosys and was trying to use the mouse as though it was a TV remote. He kept pointing the mouse to the computer screen and started clicking...nothing happened. We were all laughing :)
And I have to point out how our beloved college principal was so nervous when the Professor in charge of the Computer Club was transferred - what if he took the college website with him on his laptop, and refused to give it back.
@Modi - i'm crateful to you :)

@Anon - "cut" tickets is very common in Bengal :) I can totally see it being said

@Ani - :) aaah! reminds me of a zillion computer lass incident from my school when we just started learning abt the mc - will post it detail
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