Sunday, March 06, 2005

High (s)Cool 

Well! For the third consecutive weekend I spent Saturday evening in a San Diego night club and this time, I actually danced a little (to quote C, "I expected you to be a far worse dancer!") :) Yanyway, while dancing I realized that the whole night club experience is very similar to high school. "Why?" you may ask.

1. Both places needed proof of age before granting admission.

2. The club featured people called Master P, Master M and Miss-y E.

3. Every ten minutes we were asked to raise our hands in the air.

4. The toilet is a major make out area, AND ...

5. 90% of the times I had no idea what was going on.

Need I say more - one place was school and the other one is cool.

Wait, wait! Are you telling me that the toilet of St. James School, Calcutta was a major make-out area??

Ummm... did you by any chance have common toilets with Pratt, or was something very queer going on?
Ani, chah! I was hoping to get away with that without explaining - I forgot that you know abt the status of my school. Na, na! That particular pt was courtesy a cousin of mine from S Pt (Arka can confirm this if he reads it) who said that their toilet was a major action zone. As far as the SJS toilets are concerned it'll always remain in my mind as a source of graffiti; my introduction the buzzing field of birds and bees.
errr...a figment of satyaki's overactive imagianation, I'm afraid. With chaprashis lounging around on every floor, especially near the toilets, it was hardly a good idea. Did take place occassionally though, but definitely not a major make out area. Odd nooks and cranies of the school building and compound were more common spots, as were small gullis in and around ballugunge place, swinhoe lane, chaplin park after dark (hmmmm...rhyme)etc.
This post could have a possible sequel about the small road between the two la mart's (yes, that infuriates all true blue martians...err..martinians) and it's many uses.
@Arka - aha! Man you people at least had the scope - for us just next to school was a dumpster - so nothing romantic could even be though :((

Ani, defend LMB - it's a matter of blue collared pride now :)
Well Sagnik, I'm going to have to agree with Arka on this one. Rawdon Street, dotted with small and cosy confectionary shops, card shops, ice-cream parlours and burger joints offered up just the right heady mic of cramped spaces, sugar rush and sweet nothings. Add to that a few hundred schoolchildren and their raging hormones and you officially have a danger zone.

However, I always took the other way out - the Loudon Street gate, from where I caught my bus at 1:30 pm sharp.
the loudon street gate? and horny ani complains about missing out on the action...

but get to the point, mr. nandy - did you or did you not make use of the toilet?


"what's your name? what have you had? reach for the lasers, safe as fuck!"
And where have you been, Mr. Dam?
@Ari - yes in my younger days (which was in early 1950s) ur school's area (courtesy Wimpys) was quite the love zone.

@Dam - You creep! If rumours are to believed a certain US returned journalist has been frequenting the gates of local girl's colleges. Any info on that Mr.Dam?
trust me, there's nothing quite like the girls in the colleges: oily ponytailed hair, fur on their arms and suitably majestic moustaches. you should come hang out with me, a. gupta, we could have fun outside, say south calcutta girls' college.

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"what's your name? what have you had? reach for the lasers, safe as fuck!"
@Ronny Dam - your's is a case of When Hairy Met Sally - bravo boy
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