Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Hubbas and the Bangs :) 

A most brilliant person is the basic inspiration for this post - so thank you! :)

I live in a society where using some words in public raises eyebrows, questions and sometimes even the whipping stick! So, to avoid the confusion, we come up with words that can be easily allowed in public discourse without putting a big blemish on our characters. Point in case is a friend of mine who normally avoids the word 'sex' and chooses the term "hubba hubba" instead. Amazingly brilliant! "The couple then went to the side of the room and did a little hubba hubba ..." sounds so bloody funny. I even mentioned to her that if you ever ask a girl "Baby wanna bang bang?" - that's probably the last time you'll ever see her (bang on target). However, give her a smile and say, "Hey honey wanna hubba hubba" and you've probably taken her to an all new level of innocent romanticism.

For example, in our apartment, we refer to sex as "tukur tukur" (and the occasional "ting tong"). Well, it's definitely not "hubba hubba" material but still works well. Similarly, we often call a kiss a "muchuk muchuk" and that does the job too. When I was growing up, Mummum taught us to use different, unique and sugar-creme coated words for every possible thing that could have sounded remotely gross. As a result, my sis and moi will often say words that can mean anything from cake to crap and no one but us knows what "shit"we were discussing :)

Blog browsing brought me to your blog...Skipping blog after blog, I paused at yours...

I can only laugh at the times when back in school, we came up with the weirdest of terms to talk about the commonest of things-BOYS!!!
Hahahaaha !!!
ding dong and dot dot dot....are my favs..they were safely used by saif in hum tum
@poornima - thanks for stopping by. well, i went to an all boys school where everyone was frustrated - so we used no weird terms - we just called them GIRLS and spoke all day abt them. ... and suddenly i feel both happy and sad abt it :) :(

@debalina - thanks :)

@arijit - we also use the term chik chok in our house quite generically for pretty much everything we can think of - that's a "chik chok girl", that's a chick chok movie" etc. etc. etc.
i did my undergrad in india, and often when us friends were visiting the house of one our friends, we would invariably have to put our "parent locks" on. Then someone came up with this amazing solution - just invert the syllables of the offending word: f***er would become a harmless cuffer , and so on and so forth.
The advantage here was that one just needed to know the protocol and not the entire alternate vocabulary!
@mammo - the problem i had with such an approach his that it often takes out the thrust from the expletive :) do you think shouting our cuffer will let out the same angst as the f***er? cuff no :))
Reminds me of the various equivalents for 'sex' I
heard in Thailand. Sample this...

- Jiggi Jiggi
- Boom Boom
- bum bum
- jhin chak !!
@Srini - store house of knowledge :) can you believe that they have a clothing brand in Bengal called Jhin Chak - I guess they wanna make their wearers look sexy :)
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