Friday, March 04, 2005

If Spams were true ... 

Just realized that if spams were genuine and people actually responded to them - then all the men will be superqualified with 3 month MBA degrees and a penis to complement, pleasing desperate and lonely housewives who had lost 40 lbs in three weeks (as seen on television) in the cheapest possible cruise vacations made affordable by the lowest mortgage rates ever offered. Not bad, eh?

P.S. This is for all those who like cheap trivia - two computer based concepts - spam and the python scripting language have something common to them. what?

Vikings and Spanish Inquisitions - what could it be?
@Ani - i know u know it :) after all i have seen gamemaster g9 please the inquisitive ladies in a Delhi banquet using nothing more than a monkey cap
oy, sagnik, change the name of your blog to no url left, na.
Poor old John Cleese and the rest of the Flying Circus - can't be getting a moment's peace.

In a fairly recent interview with Cleese he mentioned that still, everywhere he goes people would come up to him and recite the entire "Dead Parrot" scene
@Sivani - nice :) atually the spam conection is well known but a lot of people are not aware that the term Python in the scritping language is courtesy the Monty Python.
umm..i think spambayes is written in python.im not sure..so all the knowledgable geeks,plz forgive me if im wrong!
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