Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Inspired Quote 

Can't reveal the inspiration for this quote but I think I have suffered from loose-motional deja vu, where I feel "Shit! This has happened before."

Why, also that "It happens" thingy from Forrest Gump?
Or this other nasty one..."I want to eat...[Oh] shit!"
indeed there is a lot of shit doing the rounds :)

Of course, shit happens all the time. But I wonder what you would call "Shit, this can't be happening!"

Constipational shock?

@Rajesh - brilliant :) Interesting, George Carlin said that there is a phenomenon called Vuja De, which is the reverse of deja vu where you feel that this incident hasn't ever happeed to ayone before. So we can also call it loose-motional vuja de i guess:)
He he! You mean Constipational Vuja De :)

Coz, it ain't happenin'!
Oh crap! you got me again :)
What a load of bull shit this is! :)
Whoa, this is too deep for me to understand... where are my hallucinogens... ah...
@Kumari - stop "bull"ying me.

@Vignesh - come on we know that this blog is a place of deep philosophies and serious stuff :))
Yes Sire, i shall..but then what's the idea of pressurising me to blog and not walking my way???
*sniff* *sniff*
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