Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Kiss N Tell 

So my apartment mate, D, smiled after returning back from his Spring Break vacation. The hush hush phone calls followed and then the gush gush smiles followed. "So did you meet someone?" I asked. "Heh heh," he replied. For the romantically disinclined, "heh heh" means "Oh! Yes" in Romanticia. Details were asked for and we soon reached the question - "Did you two kiss????" (the frat boy effect).

D smiled again and said "NO COMMENTS!".

Now let's analyze this - the answer to my question could either be "Yes" or "No" - coz from the little I know - "THERE IS NO PARTIAL KISS." On reminding him this, an interesting conversation followed and moi shall present it to the jury.

D: How do you know I kissed?
Me: Coz you said "No comments".
D: Then why dint I say "yes"?
Me: Coz then I would have considered you to be a braggart and it would have also sounded cheap.
D: What if I hadn't kissed?
Me: Then you would have said "Yes" - to salvage your pride and macho-ness. This is a question where a man will never say "No". A "yes" will actually mean "no" and the non-committal "No comment" means "Yes". Get it!

I rest my case.


I will have to remember that.
Nice Case.
Nice Catch 22.
@paddy and biplab - thank you :)
Does Silence mean anything?:p
Silence means you did a lot more than just kissing ;)
@Vignesh and Kumari - my silence stands for my ignorance :((




So it's like Binary then. Which means that we could build a computer out of couples kissing.

Hmmm. Where's the nearest patents office?
@rajesh - you are getting the trick bit by bit :)
Very insightful but skewed towards a male perspective. For a woman, no kiss would have yielded one of the following responses "I wasn't into him anyway" OR "He must be gay"
@Mint - first of all - do they have mint chutney? fascinating name :) secondly, moi and the other male readers are so excited to get a female perspective on this lip lock tale :) thanks.
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