Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lines via the phone line 

Ok! Before I forget (in which case I'll have to apologize to my posts again) - these three lines cropped up in the past 20 mins courtesy 2 phone conversations and moi shall mention them:

* Praising someone's voice is a sound act.
* My advice to you my friend would be to add vice to ur daily routine.
* You know what they should have in India? Traditional dominatrix ladies - ones who wear leather sarees. They can use the "pallu" for whipping. That's a whooppie!

A whipping pallu?

Wow. Quite a thought.
@Raj - what say ur money, someone elses design and my fantasy :) do we have a deal?
Lol...ur hilarious man! Srini recommened your blog...must remember to thank him for a good idea!
@IdeaSmith - thanks to you and Srini :) please drop by again with family, friends and more
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