Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mixing business with business 

While talking to Uma, who is a psychologist, I had this brilliant idea of adding a associated career to people so that they can benefit most from them. For example, Uma is a psychologist. A lot of people visit her after a broken heart and crib abt the betrayal, deceit and apathy they've faced. Imagine if Uma, along with being a psychologist, was also a dating counselor. How cool will that be? "Madam, my girl friend left me. I think I am a dog. Bow wow!" the disgruntled man shouts. What does Uma do? She calmly tells him, "Well! I have news for you Mr. Dober Man. I know this girl, who has romantic feelings for her pet dog. She is single. What say, I set you two up?" Brilliant, aint it so? Similarly,

What if car mechanics also sold auto insurance?

What if a burger joint owner owned a neighborhood gym?

What if Britney Spears sold Aspirin?

What is Mike Tyson sold hearing aids?

What if ... what if ...

What if Microsoft threatens to sell anti-*ware software? Oh, they already are.
What if indeed!

What if one were paid to Blog? :)
what if grad students were paid 100k salaries? i would have hired someone to do my job.
what if there is a course dealing with blogging at Sagniks uty?
@Happy - you shameless prick - how dare you make fun of MFST, the dada of our field :)

@Primal - then I would be rich and would have put up more crap :)

@Ari - that sill wouldn't have helped - at times I woder if anybody would want to do my work - even if I paid them

@Chava - how I wish :)
ahh dream away...I can see John Lennon wasn't the only one!
@Angel - i shall take that as a compliment at the expense of insulting a great :)
What if mobile-network companies pays for making long distant calls for long hours to your long lost friend ?

What if recruiters also open up a sister-concern which gives the new employees true info on companies they are willing to join ?

What if the CPM govt. in WB bans on Red-Flags and Red-tapeism ?
What if 'what if's came true?
yeah ...a lame one but then , i really couldn't think of a befitting comment for this intellectually inspiring post :)
Nice one :)
@debalina - the well "red" one :)

@kumari - that was really cool - totttal cool :)
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