Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Apt Mate 

Subs is my apt mate. The guy is a lil darling and a borderline genius. He doesn't get very excited, speaks less, diligently watches Monk with me and seldom does anything outside what is expected from him. To summarize, he is dedication personified, with a love for Indian literature, American sitcoms and Asian women. Why do I mention all this? Just to use up blog space :)

So Subs walks up to me last evening and says very seriously, "I have a thought. What if sex is not pleasureable. What if it's terrible? What if it's just a plan made by all the people who've had sex to tempt and frustrte the virgins?" The coolest thing is that Subs was serious with his assumptions, making the situation hilarious for me. "So why are there so many people turning desperate for repeat sex?" I ask him. "Part of the plan. Part of a very well planned plan," he said seriously and walked back to his room.

While I sat in the drawing room, smiling at the situation, Subs returned. "You know what else they should have? Lil digital displays on top of cars. We can have some pre-programmed gestures and lines, which we can then display for the drivers in front and back. It'll be so much simpler to give the finger then." Sub dint wait for my nodding approval. "Hmmm! Someone should do that," he murmured back to himself as he walked back to his room to read PC Mag.

Hi.. Me a first timer here...
Real thought provoking blog.. :-D
Thank you thank you! Yes, that's the purpose of my blog - serious hought provoking :)
hello sagnik, came to your site thru second indirection. indiauncut-->bridalbeer->you. Liked your site (especially pjs, C-sick..ahh). I did my m(ass) in cs from clemson and am currently a corporate slave in boulder, colorado, with a small-time startup.

Keep writing.

hey anshul, thanks :) do keep visiting - can't offer u gr8 stuff like bridal but can assure u a lot of cheap techie jokes :))
Interesting you should mention this - a long post about sex and pleasure coming up on my blog sometime this weekend.
Master Ani, we are all waiting for your words - let em pour
And I thought you were one of a kind !!..:)..
Oh, I think I love Subs! Not only does he have a poetic soul (thanks again for the Boatman) but he is obviously a very astute thinker: I've long wanted the digital displays on cars myself too.

As for the other part of his thoughts - well, I'm a married lady, so I'm sworn to secrecy as part of the big plot. I'm not allowed to tell one way or the other ;-) However, I've had similar thoughts on the merits of things such as bunji jumping or skydiving...
Anshul:Your ex-roommate is now my roommate..and we watched World Cup-2003 at Mayukh's place. Remember!
Shaggy, how can u overlook the Clemson part of Anshul's comment?
@Sivani - in the words of Subs - you are the opposition :)) and yes I second you on ur view on bungee jumping

@Ari - from what you tell me there are like 2 billion Indians in Clemson - how could I have guessed :)
@Suki - I thought so too till I saw all those like me in all those places :((
Yesterday, while I was in an auto, a Hyundai Santro pulled up next to us. Who ever owns the Santro, had, in their infinite wisdom installed a DVD/VCD player in the car. And was playing one of those item numbers, clearly visible through the tinted glasses. Mr. Auto Driver, watching this, promptly ran into a cyclist. Sex and driving, should never mix. Maybe on a blog post, but never otherwise ;)
@Vignesh - well said man, sex is driving people crazy :))
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