Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My sis's role Model 

Had this delightful conversation with my sis Pummy. I've ranted aplenty abt Pummy's new "friends". Apparently, on any given day they are better than any artificially laugh inserted Indian sitcom :) The latest story comes from one of Pummy's class mates who is apparently a model and also an Oriya film actress. However, the girl, it seems, doesn't speak English too well and recently told my sis that, "I'm going for a 'go out' with some guy". If Pummy is to be believed the girl also refers to herself as "Saxy". However, the best thing is that the girl claims to be seeing someone from "the industry". On being questioned if they were serious, she said (and this is my favorite part) that "We are going out only 79%". How in the World did someone come up with such an exact figure? Both Pummy and I are still trying to figure that out! Help!

Speaking of % and love, remember my e-mail...
yes, i just saw it :) and shall send you a mail abt it (loooong mail)
Maybe this lady has a target (let us just call it X) number of times to go with a person. Only then that is termed as 'Seeing'.
This might be the calculation :

(Number of times she went out with a person/ X)* 100

Just guessing!! Pummy really has hilarious friends :)
@Anon - very interesting theory but then given 79 is a prime number (hence not divisible by any of the prime factors of 100) (my moment of Geek talk) this girl has to go out on at least 100 dates before she can make this statement - hence WOW!

assuming going out is "real" she can have 1.58 out of two dates too and will still
be correct :)
@ag - "real"ly a very good one :)
Wow...you guys have so much enthu to calculate !!
Maybe 79% is taking off everything except for the very precious 21% clothes on her body !

Ok..I get weird ideas..but then " And idea can change the world or clothes.."
You know, the prime number thing is exactly what I thought when I read the anonymous comment :)

But think about this - They're going out 79%. That means they're staying in 21%, right? So 21% of the time they stay at home, but the rest of the time they go out.


I think this comment is too logical for this post...
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