Monday, March 28, 2005

New Love 

My apartment mate D is in love (again). During a drive this afternoon he told me, "I see flowers that I dint see before and smell things I never knew existed." I reassured him that the flowers went unnoticed because we had never taken that route before and the new smells were simply there because S's stomach doesn't react very well to Indian food.

Something tells me my popularity in the house is going down! Hmmm!

but then outside of the House your popularity is increasing exponentially...so cheer up! :)
@Kumari - you just made my day. thanksy :)
More importantly on blogger.com !
Aren't you enjoying the Limelight?
Just imagine a day, when you start smelling blogs and seeing the bright colors of the blogs.. instead of flowers ;)
@debalina - smelly blog. smelly blog. it's not ur fault :)
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