Friday, March 18, 2005

OK! So he is dating! 

I was chatting with a friend of mine from India and he was overtly interested in informing me that he has a girl friend and the fact that they are "doing things". Under normal circumstances, I would have shown a certain amount of eagerness and pestered for further details but having understood that he wanted me to do exactly that, coupled with the fact that I'm not particularly fond of him, I just avoided any signs of inquisitiveness.

"I mentioned to you that I am seeing someone, right?" he started.

"No! So how is your job?" I replied.

"Yaar, job is fine but then these days I am staying very busy in the nights (followed by a deluge of smileys, winks and emoticons), if you know what I mean?"

"So are you liking your job, or are you planning to shift companies?" I maintained my nonchalance.

"Oye yaar, it all depends on her now. Now I have to decide abt 'Us' na?"

That's it! This topic had to end, even if it meant moi showing additional interest. "So tell me more abt this girl?" I said with the minimal required fake enthusiasm.

"Arrre! Nahin yaar! It is nothing serious. We are just having some masti ... if you know what it means (a second round of emoticon shelling)"


umm...given the enthusiasm to talk abt it, my gut feeling would be that he's getting no action at all ;) if he was, he'd probably shut up abt it.
Yup! That's my guess too. I have gathered that it's not just me but he has been raving abt this "girl" to quite a few other as well.
A memorable character (Tuco) from an even more memorable film (TGTBATU) once said — When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

Pun notwithstanding, you should use that line on your friend, perhaps? ;)
in the case of my friend it was more like when you have to shut, just shut, shut up, don't talk.
i think this guy is gay, and he is dropping you a line.

good luck sagnik!
@jax - i hope not :) - coz i wont be too happy if he is gay
Its more like typical Indian male thing...they just love to portray their manhood by telling their friends that he managed to get a girl on bed (even though it’s a big lie).
This is a true incident:
When I was in college, one my classmate jerked 36times in 2 days and was hospitalized for dehydration. Another friend of mine heard this and next day, he comes and tells this to us “Man, I am feeling so weak today. I watched porn movies yesterday one after the other and jerked 40 times in a single day".
@debalina - wow, you know some real "jerks" :))
in the egyptian pantheon, the world was created when a god named nunu (i kid you not) masturbated. his hand became the female part of him, and did the needful. from the product of all this partying came the earth we now, um, stand on.
considering your friend could only talk in smileys when he got excited, i suspect the mythological reference is relevant
@Samit - to knowledge - dada apni ki queeejjard? (translated to English would mean - elder brother, did you ebher indulge in da art of queejjing?"
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