Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Power of the Net 

For starters, lemme mention that my Mom and Dad are both technologically challenged when it comes to computers. Dad has finally learnt how to send emails while Mummum still stays away from the machine and has a phenomenal amount of love for me coz I "work with a computer." But, I have to accept that Bubin is mighty pleased with the idea of an email and that people "sometimes" reply to them. So he thinks no end of the power of emails. For example, anybody in India must be aware of the frenzy of the Indian Idol, the most important election in India, easily beating the "lesser" important Bihar and Jharkand ones in terms of media interest. Bubin was rooting for this one guy called Ravinder Ravi, who was apparently not the favorite of the judges. So one day he tells me, "get me the email id of Indian Idol" (yes my dad thinks that all animate and inanimate entities have an email id). So I sent him the id and he sent out a long email to them thrashing the caustic stance of the judges towards Ravi. By mere coincidence the judges were apparently a little kinder towards Ravi the following week and Bubin was mighty pleased with himself. "It must have been my email," he glowed. I was really harsh to them." "Highly unlikely Bubin. I don't think they even read your email ..." "Say whatever you want but I'm sure it was my email," my ol' dude cut me off.

In the next few weeks Bubin inquired abt the "email id"s of every possible thing. "Do you know Manchester United's email id. I think they are making some major strategic mistakes...", "Send an email to Telegraph, will you? I think they are giving Sourav Ganguly far less credit than he deserves ..." etc. etc. etc.

However, as amusing as Bubin's love and admiration for email is, Mummum still takes the cake. Mummum believes that all problems can be solved by "downloading" information. I cribbed to her a few months back abt my social life (or the then lack of it) and she said very seriously, "Why don't you just go the Internet and download something and make some friends. These days you can get everything in the Internet" :) I tried telling darling that to download friends I needed a lot more bandwidth than what is currently available and she said, "You are a computer engineer. You can surely do something abt it."

As the sixteen year old girls sitting behind me cried out during the screening of a Disney movie - "Choooo Shueeeeeet!" :)

your Mummum is surely the shweetest! :)
Dats exactly what my Amma says as the answer to all problems..."Take it to the Web" :)
@Kumari - thank you on Mummum's behalf - Mummum will send you an email thanking you which you can download from the net :))
How are the Mukherjee siblings doing? Upload me the info...I m eager to know.
Ummm, where do I download myself some money? Okay, not some. Lotsa money. And fame.

Actually, what I really need to download right now is a haircut.
@Ari & Rajesh - one of my friends from my highschol days used to be extremely shy abt his girl friend and whenever pestered would say that all the details can be found on - allthisandmore.com - so I am guessing that that's the soln to all our problems :)
I've said this before and I'll say it again - your parents are just adorable in your stories! Shooo tohtully shweet :)

Now if you could somehow use the same colors to paint a more flattering picture of yourself .. nah, pretend like I didn't say that :)

Rajesh, if my ZeeTV ads are to be believed - all the problems in the world can be solved by calling one person - Ajmeri Baba - a Britain-based spiritual healer. (I need to blog about him!)
@Megha - I paint my self picture in black and white and no colors, hoping it will enhance my grey cells :))
couple of stories.

when we first got an internet connection i was a student in delhi and first receiving my first ever email my parents were pretty thrilled and all that. so that night my ma says to baba: don't switch off the computer. what if she sends an email when we're sleeping and the inbox is shut??

the other story. my friend's mother once yelled at her saying: your room is a mess, you never cover your computer properly. that's why you get all these viruses!

@Antara - that was awesome - brilliant to say the least :) my apt mate is going berserk laughing (and he rarely laughs) :)
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