Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Probing the probable 

I might have mentioned this here before but this came up in a conversation last night and cracked me up again. So I shall give the incident the benefit of the doubt and mention it again. So people who think that I exaggerate my description of graduate student life in SD, think again.

This happened two years back. I met a fellow Indian in the city bus on my way to the university. We were sitting next to each other and got talking. He even offered to teach me some Indian cooking. Later that evening the two of us met in the bus again and I smiled and told him, "Woah! We just met this morning and here we are meeting again in the evening. How coincidental is that?" The dude dint even blink and told me, "Come to think of it, it's not that big an incident. All graduate students come to the university between 8-10 in the morning and there are three buses they can take in this route during that period. Similarly, most of us come back between 6-7. Therefore there are two buses in which they can return. Given that, the chances of you and me meeting were 1/3 * 1/2 = 1/6, which is not that low."

Moral of the story: I have a chance of having such a conversation at least once a week if I take the bus to the university.

Hehe.. I have had the exact same coversation at CMU, albeit, at 3 AM. Sad, but true.
Let's join hands and crib my friend - that's all we can do.
What a bunch of "Father Boo Hoo"s you two are :-D
But that is still a conversation as against what i (never)have in my bus :(
@Kumari - I had an even more hilarious conv today - shall post abt it in a day or two - that one beas thi hans down :)
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