Monday, March 14, 2005

Quick Question 

Ok! This came up in a conversation with someone last night and deserves a mention. I for one, make fairly extensive use of the phrase "Feel free to ... blah blah". "Feel free to give me cash ... feel free to date me ... feel free to comment on my blog ... etc. etc.". Now, why would anyone feel pricey to do any of these things? I'm aware that the phrase refers to the freedom of choice but still sound funny to me. Any takers for my logic?

On the same lines, we often ask people "Are you free tonight?" and I justrealized that one can never use that line on a hooker (pleaaase, not that I get "hooked") - no wonder Pretty Woman dint have the line :)

Hmm.. In Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood) that woman keeps telling Clint that she would give him a free one. I had truckloads of fun with my ex on that one... damn.. now why did I have to start thinking of that...
Yesh yesh! My blog is all abt s(ex) love and video :)
More like S(ex), Laughs, and Cinema :)
@Rajesh - can't tak abt laughs but my blog surely has a generous dose of S(ex) and Cine(maa) :)
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