Monday, March 07, 2005


This conversation is an example of my daftness and I'll present it with all the web space it deserves. Vipul, C, D and me were walking down Seaport Village and having general conversations.

D: So how did Vipul and you know each other?
me: Oh! We know each other from high school.
D: So were you two in the same high school?
me: No. We were introduced by a common friend.
D: It's funny how you and Vipul say "common friends" coz here we say "mutual friends".
me: Yeah! There are lots of such things like gas/petrol, blah blah blah blah ... So how were you and C introduced??

So you don't think that was a dumb question? Don't blame you, coz I hid one important detail. C and D are sisters :)) Yanyway, the post will be incomplete without C's response to this.

C: Oh! We were introduced by our parents :)

Dumb & Dumber :) .. between u and c ..choose one .
Dumb & Dumber ... between u can c choose one ..
@Chava :)) No no C was just getting back at me so I shall take the entire blame
Not C....K :)
Ohhhh K ! :))
heya just wandered in thru various blogs that i read and found yours
looks pretty cool! will come back for more..
funny read!
@Grafxgurl - thanks for dropping by (although I have never understood why we say "dropping" by) :)
All I can say is 'LOL'
@Debalina - All I can say in T U :)
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