Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Rhyme Crime 

Every now and then I attempt at writing short scribbles on my blog which I then presumptuously term as poetry. While talking to someone abt how and when I started indulging in this indulgence, this incident came to mind - absolutely hilarious (or so I shall claim).

The year was 1981 (the background music changes to a disco-ish groove to reflect the era). I was three years old and was preparing for entrance exams for kindergarten school. Mummum was the busy coach. What could they possibly ask me she pondered. She dint want to take any chances - mathematics, general knowledge, history, geography, developmental economics, political science - I think I was taught everything. One of my strengths used to be nursery rhymes and apparently I was quite amused by the rhyming phenomenon. So I decided to compose trite "poems" myself.

There was a rat
It sat on a mat
Wore a red hat
Played that ...

(Need I say more?)

Apparently, I just needed some word and then I would start gargling sweet nothings till some sound matched the word. With this "talent" in my pocket I was quite the social embarrassment it seems. Word has it that in the summer of 1981 I accompanied Mummum and Bubin to a classy 5 star hotel for Dad's office party.

"Mampan this is my boss, Mr. Chandrasekhar," Bubin introduced me. "He is our Chief Engineer."

If the story is to be believed, I smiled at my dad's boss, maybe even shook his hands and then said, "Chief, you must then be the Thief!"

I don't remember any of this but mom tells me that for the next ten minutes she tried to cover up my faux pas by making me recite some of my other compositions. She even sprinkled in stray English words to show how I'd try to rhyme them as well. Well well! Well Well!

Dude, you are crude!

yippee! i rhymed:)
not just crude
moi is also prude :)
Maybe even lewd... or gonna get sued ;)
i think i am screwed :)
A dude with a 'tude - howzat?
well, i would have loved to leave a rhyme of mine, but just not in the mood!
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