Friday, March 18, 2005

The Search is on 

Once again the stats counter and the kind of stuff that people have been searching for while reaching my site has amazed me. Here are some Google searches that led people to my site:

1. Bengali girl shampooing pics- OK! for starters this is the most well defined and specific case of perversion I could think of. Can you imagine the exact fantasy of the person who searched this? What next?

2. Bangalore call girls cheaper - now this one doesn't make sense. "Cheaper" ? What? Cheaper than what? Hmmmm! The kind of answers people expect on the web - phew!!!

3. Preity losing virginity - once again! I am ashamed that my site actually is the end result in the quest for such perversion

4. Hum Tum Who Framed Roger Rabit - now why would somebody search for these two films together? Is there some connection that I missed?

5. Sagnik Girija - this one is impressive because there are people who still seem to care for G and me to actually search for the two of us together. I guess we are stuck together by the web :)

To sum it up - from cheap hooker to movie looker - this blog is indeed an information storehouse :))

He he! Me's been thinking of writing about peculiar google/yahoo searches to my blog too :) But you beat me to it :P

Your blog is the end result of some amount of perversion, some confusion (like trying to figure out who - Hum or Tum - framed Roger rabbit), and some out-dated information.

Me? Every other day I get around three to four hits from Yahoo search on "Arranged Marriage". *sigh*

I should open up a matrimonials sub-blog...
@Rajesh - i doubt it - is your blog will be a good place for arranged marriages - all ur romantic stories on the blog will make ppl go towards "lau" thereby negating any possibility of a good ol fashioned arranged marriage :)
dude, how did you know!!!????

bangalore call girls 'cheaper'... now i know why google keeps asking me to refine my search. i missed out cheaper!
@jax - that's a costly miss :)
How can you find out those keywords ?
Just found this new intresting website.

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