Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Short of the matter 

Someone who reads my blog asked me if I was aware of the fact that the words 'dint' and 'enuff' are actually spelled as "didn't" and "enough". My initial reaction was that of anger, followed by deep thinking and then laughter. I realized that I had fallen prey to the exact system that I make fun of - that of using a different kind of English for online matters. I personally make use of 'dint', 'enuff', 'coz' and do add a Y to 'anyways' (Y you may ask) ... by the way, I also use BTW. However, I don't use some of the more legendary abbreviations like 'ur', 'y', 'gr8', 'i c'. I've also stayed away from the wide spread Internet chatting phenomenon where you greet someone with 'asl please'. Once again the Internet amazes me. Where else could this conversation take place?

cute_boy: Hi, asl?
horny_girl: 21, f, CA
cute_boy: ur a qt! (qt=cutie)
horny_girl: thx. u2.
cute_boy: quick ? 4u - single? r u c-eing ne1? any bf? (?=question)
horny_girl: no.
cute_boy: gr8. marry me!
horny_girl: omg! lol, rotfl!
cute_boy: is that a yes?
horny_girl: yup!
cute_boy: ic, swak, gotta go, cya! (swak=sealed with a kiss)
horny_girl: cu l8r.

An Internet Love Story ...

This is the newer version.. nowadays only emoticons rule...
[For Y! Messengers]
Boy: hi qt?
Girl: hi darling.
Boy: >:D<
Girl: >:D<
Boy: :X
Girl: ;;)
Boy: :*
Girl: :">, Okie gtg.
Boy: Cya. :X, :*, >:D<
you are the man dude - or to simply say :))
Ah yes, the good old days of talkcity and irc on hyperterm with VSNL, 9600baud connects. Ahhh.. the bliss... I tried that asl bit recently on someone and they laughed their ass of... and immediate knew that I was not of their generation. We ancient types need to catch up, yo !
@Vignesh - our 'a's would have embarrased them ad assured no 's' for a long time :(
you gotta read some of this!
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