Friday, March 11, 2005

Silent Movies Return 

More news on my dad. Bubin has been complaining abt the torture that's being inflicted upon him and that too in his home terrain. Well, ever since dad retired, he spends most of his time watching TV. His favorites include anything remotely Sports, anything remotely news and any movie that is controlled by the remote. Now like me, Bubin too likes to watch TV late in the night, till he sleeps off. Sadly, my Mom has been complaining abt the TV sound and so Bubin only has permission to watch TV on mute mode during night. This has apparently forced Bubin to watch several movies without sound - a very interesting exercise in his opinion. So every night Bubin watches movies and infers a story from the visuals alone and then next day he watches the movie again during the morning repeats to confirm his story claims. However, the advantage of this new habit is that he is no longer constrained by language limitations. He can watch Chinese (yes, we get a Chinese channel in Kolkata) movies with as much ease as an American or Hindi one. He, however, does complain that he's not aware of who the hero or the villain is in the Chinese movies, so often he has no idea who to root for during an action sequence. As a result of this ignorance Bubin has often suffered from heart wrenching incidents, when the guy Bubin thought was the Hero all night long gets his ass kicked ruthlessly at the end of the movie. Bubin, I feel sorry for you. Nothing like "dumb" movies.

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