Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Stray Thoughts 

* Often I'm at a junction where I have to choose between two roads - both not taken, AND both extremely boring. That's when I decide to go for a movie.

* Obnoxious company is the key to finding bliss in solitude. If you don't believe me - contact me and try out.

* A narcissist never uses the line, "It's not you. It's me."

* Have you ever wondered what would have happened if your computer stopped giving you the 'boot'?

* People are extremely derogatory towards a smart ass but what if you actually meet a smart ass - one that brays and yet solves perplexing problems? I think you'll probably be quite pleased.

* Just because I don't have anything to say doesn't mean I wont pretend.

I guess these just come to you as enjoy that oh-so-special moment every morning in the loo ... great dude ... I should spend more time in there too ;)
VERY educational post.
Just because I can't comment truthfully doesn't mean I can't pretend. :P
heehee nice post!
@Vignesh - 'crappy' ideas do indeed come in the loo :)

@Angel - :) thanks.
These stray thoughts are like "stray dogs" in India. You find them in different sizes and different galis....but all of them meet when there is a wedding near by...just like all stray thoughts meet at a blog.

If you notice , my comment itself is a "stray" and ofcourse found its place here.:)

PS: Looks like your main blog page has gone all "stray" in IE.
@gvenum - chah! i wanted to comment on ur thing from the morning and had something that i thought was funny to say but have ompletely forgotten it now - please appreciate it anyway :)
Hmm...there is no end to the amount of knowledge i can gather from here :)
@Kumari - i have always said that this is an educational web space :))
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