Friday, March 11, 2005

Talk the Walk 

I walked down the meandering steep
A path sprinkled with love
Throngs of lovers walking their dream
Twosome islets against the azure sea
Touched by bliss and ignorant to all
They walk hand in hand.

Pardon me if our eyes did meet
Pardon me if I stared
Pardon me if I bit your peace
Pardon me if I cared

Like a lonely torrent
I gushed passed by
Like a desperate voyeur
I gazed
Like a lonely lighthouse
I faced the storm
In reveries and dreams
I dazed.

whoa..whats with all the poetry n all?! fundu! kanthi
@Kanthi - na na :) the poem was temporary thought that passed my mind while walking down UCSD. aaaah! Blogger is working again :)
Woah! This kinda deep poetry isn't usually inspired by your college campus, man. You must've been thinking of someone, surely. :)

It's good. Really good.

So, who is she? :D
@Rajesh - :)) seriously, the poem was courtesy a walk down UCSD with no one specific in mind. As I metioned my inspiration was a "couple" of them :)
Back from vacation, luks like iw ill need a week to just go through the previous posts :( and by that time you would be back with more :p:p

Once again, lovely verse!
Wow. In that case, I must say you have some hidden talent there. Really nicely done.

Me a little "d-uh" with poetry. :) So got confused by the "our eyes did meet" :)

My poetry on the other hand (or at least the stuff I've dared put up online) will continue to embarass me on Sulekha blogs for a long time to come :)
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