Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tech Support 

"Ok! Yes, do you see a red slot in your computer. Yes, the one with lots of holes. Yes that one. Now put the cable in there. Ok! Please let me know if that works."

Sounds familiar??? Maybe it does. This almost sounds like a mundane technical support assistance. Right? LEFT. There are two differences - two major differences.

The above lines were said by the great X, one of my apartment mates; the same one whose picture I've painted on this blog at least a zillion times, specially with respect to his love life and this post is no exception. Every now and then X's lady love, Y's computer, needs support. The need for support varies from basic queries on how to use MS Word to severe 'philosophical' issues like "Why is the computer not working?" Similarly, the answers to these questions range from the one minute "Have you switched on the main plug?" to "Ok! Let's start from scratch". Now coming to the two basic differences in the form of support X offers to Y:

1. Unlike most call center assistance, this support comes from an Indian techie residing in the US. How often do you see Indians in India getting "on call" assistance from someone in US? Tell tell. Speak speak. Say say.

2. Unlike other forms of assitance in this case the caller just dials and hangs up and the person providing assistance takes the onus of making the phone call and paying for it on his own techie shoulders. It's almost like a collect call except that you don't even have to call. You can just make a false ring and hang up and the engineer will call you up :)

These are the major differences. Obviously there are other smaller occasional differences like the caller and callee breaking into a small coochie cooing break before they deal with the converter or the support guy being called a "shueet heart" etc. Whatever be the case - X is truly an idol for all budding romantics :)

He he! :)

So - the moral of the story:

Falling in love is hard on the wallet and brain cells :D
@rajesh - or let's just say - falling in love is hard . period .
Not mushy, but there was this Sardar joke which's like when Mr. Singh calls up the service centre and complains "Oye, woh jo chai ki pyali rakhney ka jagah thi naa, woh thoda tooth gaya hai laagta hai"
...ahem...the CD drive!
Then of course there's when my mom proudly explains abstruse technicalities to "aunties" on Windows, MSWord and MSExcel...yada yada yada.
@Biplab - :)) dint know this but a joke on the same lines - why do many Indian cars hang a cd in them? coz they might need to install a new driver :)
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