Sunday, March 13, 2005


This is gonna be gross but in moi's difference the other person playing the lead role in this conversation was a girl and approved of the conversation. Moreover, the topic that led to the discussion wasn't gross either. ... and, who says that gross things don't deserve web space? Gross things have feelings too. Right?

Well, we were discussing a girl from my undergrad days and the following conversation followed:

Me: She was from the state X (anonymity being maintained). Ya, and the girl was veryyyyy distinct!
Anon Woman: ... and why may I ask?
Me: Oh! She had the largest set of natural breasts humanly possible. I'm not kidding ...
(later in the conversation)
Anon Woman: Oh! Did I tell you abt my friend. She is from the state X.
Me: OH no! Does she have mammoth mammaries?
Anon Woman: Oh no! She is an architect.

What??? Why such a physical discrimination against architects :))

Now we know what the architects in ancient Egypt were thinking about :)

Mammoth indeed!
Not assured.
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