Thursday, March 31, 2005

To those who went unmentioned 

A lot of times when I'm talking to someone or when I'm traveling, I get these funny thoughts that I feel are blog-mention-worthy. Later when I sit down in the morning to put something on my blog I often wonder what those ideas were. At times all I remember is that some of them were very funny (to me) and amusing (to me again) but then the volatility of my memory prevents me from inflicting them (on you). Sometimes they come back at a later stage and express their grudge at not getting their deserving web space and I assure them that I'll pay them their dues. However, like all men I falter - my words alter - thoughts saunter.

So this post is dedicated to all those blog posts that I wanted to make but forgot. Interestingly enough, the idea for this post struck me yesterday afternoon and I remembered it till now - see, I'm indeed learning from my mistakes.

"Ghari ghari drama karta hai sala," a thought whispers in my head. I know it's a line taken from the Big B classic Sholay. However, I don't protest!

So these are just the posts you do get to write? Wow. If you owned a PDA, you'd need two blogs. Heck, you already do!
@Rajesh :)) FOr that matter I had a PDA till recently when I gave it off to my sis (or rather she just took it from me). So I guess you have to thank her for the "lessened" # of posts :)
Yes, I have a little notebook that I write down these thoughts in. I have about 20 now, but I haven't taken the time out to blog about them !!
"Ghari ghari drama karta "tha" sala," A twisted AB dialogue.
Forgetfullness is such a bane for some and boon for others:)

Jokes apart, I miss my daily 5-time quota of Mr.Nandy's "dope'. I get withdrawl symptoms. So sad you have to write less.
@vignesh - one of the things i forget to carry most is a pen or pencil - so a notebook might not help :)

@gvenum - thank you thank you :)
I know what you are talking about... totally....
@John - you are my mind twin :)
I must be a toootal geek. When Vignesh mentioned his "little notebook", I was thinking "small laptop".

@rajesh - yes! the geek of the blog award goes to ... :)
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