Saturday, March 12, 2005


Well, for those who complain abt my prolific blogging :) this week might be a little sporadic. Ari(jit) is down in San Diego for Spring Break and I'm hoping that the week is busy in a good way (I just figured that bees are bee-zzzzeeee bodies).

Finally I went and caught a movie after almost two weeks (which is probably the longest period I stayed without watching a movie in the US). I remember even while staying in the middle of Tarzan's neighborhood in Westchester, I coaxed Puneet for ten minutes to drive me for twenty minutes to go and watch the Hulk. So two weeks is indeed a long period :) The movie I saw was Robots, a star studded animated fare. The movie had its moments but not enough for me to like it as a whole. Yes, Robin Williams was fantastically brilliant, but then, that's nothing new! I guess Pixar has set the yardstick for animated flicks so high that it's difficult to match up (which is interestingly the same reason I gave Dipu as to why he can't date Jennifer Anniston - Pitt has set the standards too high for Dipu to match up :)). However, I have to agree that the animation quality was dazzling. To sum it up, the movie was what I term as a "Blonde Affair" - good for a short fling, especially good for a few hours on a weekend night, but not quite the stuff a long term liking is made of. Peace.

P.S. This is my first movie review in ages and for the few who read this blog six months back, you know exactly how many movie reviews I used to throw up a week then.

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