Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Vrrrrooooom! n' some Love 

Can't disclose the lead players of this production but the act was surely clapworthy. A friend of mine is completely smitten by this girl and while talking to her last night he reached a discussion involving cars. The mentions of the fast motors and the sweet voice on the other side made him all so romantic and he said:

"You are just like gas. You are the reason the car called me moves."

For the next ten minutes the girl laughed abt how this was the first instance in the history of romantic land where someone called a girl gas, expecting that it will woo her over. He then helped his cause further by saying, "You are gas and you smell sweet too!!!!" :))

P.S. He apparently did make up for the faux pas galore later by telling her that she was his "driving force".

Why the you the blogging the less? :(
"a friend" [LINK] of mine is completely smitten by "this girl" [LINK] and while talking to her last night..."
@Kumari - coz moi was/is on a semi Spring Break Vacation for this week - friends are down and i'm showing them arnd - things will start flowing again next week

@Bridal - i had a good mid of replying to the comment by linking to two random blogs from my blog roll :) and then see how people react thinking what if these authors are dating :) shit, i really feel like trying that out
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