Sunday, March 27, 2005

Why do I have to give a title to everything? 

This is the summary of a philosophical (I take this term very loosely) discussion that I had first with Dipu and then with Modi.

So who are we? Twenty something plus "youngsters" (please let me touch the lines of being presumptuous). Almost 99% of all my peers pretty much do the same thing(s) - some of us study, some of us work, some of us study and work simultaneously, some companies pay a little more, some companies make you work a little more, some companies hire, some companies fire ... we don't stand out. There's no glamour. There's no clear case of braggadocio. No one peer of mine has done anything that makes him a clear champion. So in such a case it becomes extremely difficult to boast and brag.

"You know X bought a BMW?"
"No, no. He leased it. Even I can do it if I want - it's just that I want to save some money ..."

"You know Y got a job in Company Z."
"Yeah. But then I chose to work in this small company. I get to learn sooo much more and we get free pizzas for lunch. Plus his company fired 1/5th of its employees last month."

"Z have N billion publications."
"Yeah! Sure. But no one cares for them in the industry."

However, the attempts are always there. We all try to stand out and prove a false sense of achievement. New jobs, internships, professor's resume, publications, foreign postings, admissions - we mention them aplenty. Sometimes we evoke temporal awe, sometimes we don't, but the desire and attempt to prove to people around us that we have "arrived" remains.

So we discussed whether we'll do the same thing ten years down the line and figured that by then we would have realized that whatever we do hardly affects anyone. So we'll take the competition to the next level - our children.

"X's son just placed third in the Zonal Spelling Bee."
"Ya! But you should see how much X makes his son study. I have told my daughter - do whatever you want."

"My daughter just got admission in University Z with a fellowship."

"My son can do High School Mathematics in KG."

"My daughter can sing in five languages."

Whatever we are doing now will fade to be important in ten years. My mom barely mentions what my dad does/did at work. Neither does our neighbor. To them it's far more important now to see which of their daughters get a better groom. Having figured this, Modi and I thought that it'll be best then to get a head start. If we become the earliest in our batch to have kids then we can blame all our present failures by saying, "See, once you have a kid you realize that there's sooo much more than a petty salary hike". And finally, when the competition would indeed reach the kid-zone ten years from now, all our peers would think, "boy, we are worrying abt getting our kid's to Kindergarten and look at Modi. His son is already in fifth standard. He took such a good decision by starting early."

So the key to produce awe is to produce now. Peace!

Only YOU can come up with such a post for such an innocuous title and also lead it to a conclusion.
I bow to thee! :p
@Kumari - :)) I will take tht as a compliment and even put that in my list of achievements :)
A philosophical thought with a phislophying conclusion. Brilliant :)
Heh, reminds me of this bumper sticker I saw recently - "My hamster is smarter than your honor roll student!"
@Megha - thanks.

@Urmi - yes, my honor is on a roll :(
Maybe when your child reads this post in 10 years time he will say "Papaji, tussi great ho!!"
@Modi Boy - if my child has to infer his dad's greatness by reading a blog post from 10 years back - that's sad :(
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