Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Word of Advice 

A very beautiful but loud Bonita was sitting next to me in the bus and consoling a friend. "Just take a deep breath and do what you want to do," she said. What? Imagine that a girl calls you up for advice and you just tell her "Just do what you want to do" and she actually takes that as an advice. Amazing! I started thinking and realized that that's pretty much been the case with a lot of advice I've received, given or overheard (?) myself. Some one just tells us what we anyway would have done and somehow, somehow it reassures us. The whole thing reminded me of this lil strip that I saw in probably MAD, where a man, standing next to a broken window of his robbed house, tells the detective, "I think he came in through the window". "No," said the detective, "I think he came in through the window." "That's what I said," the owner repeats. "No, but I'm an authority," the detective rests his case.

That's why I like my dad's advice coz you know he is trying to give you advice but you somehow can't make heads or tails out of it. So at some point you get so pissed off that you just forget whatever it is you were depressed over. "Bubin, I messed up an exam. I feel terrible". Bubin first thinks for ten minutes on how to help and then says, "See, every four years they have the Olympics. They have the marathon as a major attraction. People start running .... (ten minutes of excruciating details from 1982's marathon) ... Oh! As I was saying; in a marathon lots of runners falter in the beginning but these are the same runners who are deserving because they have ... (fifteen minutes of excruciating details on how long-distance runners train in Africa) ... so basically ...".

Yada! Yada! yada! After a while you just give up. You get it that my good ol' man is trying to illustrate that the slow but steady wins the race, but by the end of it, you just get so bored that you don't even feel the pain of the bad Calculus exam u were complaining abt. Bubin - you are the man!

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