Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yay comedy of errors 

OK! This story doesn't involve me. I heard it from someone and since the person concerned doesn't blog I shall post it on my blog. A sweet story like this deserves web space :)

So my friend's room mate's mom (close relation as you can see) was visiting her daughter and she got confused between the words "torrential" (flowing abundantly) and "tarantula" (large hairy spider). So while describing her trip from point A to point B she said, "Oh! It was a difficult journey. We almost had the tarantula following our car for the entire trip." :) Just imagine that - furry spider chasing your car in full speed, for miles - oops! That actually sounds like Spiderman - sans the fur :)

Sounds more like the movie " Eight Legged Freaks"!
sounds even more like a scene from the 1st Harry Potter Movie...
sounds more like "two legged movie freaks" :))
the mom must have been pretty dumb, because 'we almost had the (torrential) following our car for the entire trip.' doesn't make any sense, either!
@NKutty - the fact that the mom wasn't the brightest I agree :) but I wont blame her for the incorrect usage of the word - even though "torrential" is an adjective I've seen others use it as a noun, specially when used with 's' e.g. the torrentials will hit us soon etc.
Mom's generation were not too much exposed to British Raj or Americanization. So don't blame her for this!!! Nothing to laugh about..I am sure this must be the 'Other tongue' for Mom.

Sangnik what if you end up in a totally alien place and realize that 'Alien's language' is the language adopted by everyone in this world. So in that situation you will end up learning that language and I am sure in this process you would end up making mistakes.

Your Hindi is not perfect either.

Just a person trying to put myself in that Mom's shoes.
I am sure you must have taken my previous comment to heart and must be furious..but then hey! I am just asking you to think of your friend's Mom. What if she stumbles upon your blog someday!!
@Anon - i dint take u comment to heart at all. i believe in true freedom of speech. to answer ur question this is not a friend's mom - it's a friend's rooma mate's (whom i dont know) mom. so i doubt if she will ever read my blog. also i normally credit my sources unless i feel they should not be named - which explains why i dint mention my friend's name :)

as far as my Hindi is concerned - i can just keep narrating stories of embarrassment abt it :)
Thanks for acknowledging the 'Freedom of Speech'.
Good you are a true sporty person!!

Have fun. I do like reading your blogs.
@Anon - one small small correction - my name is Sagnik and not Sangnik :( thatnks fro dropping by :)
Hey Sagnik! (From one Sagnik to another!! heh heh)

Think you would remember me... am Sagnik... heh heh... me in NUJS now... studying law, 4th year, am in reliance bombay at the moment doing my internships... wassup with ya??? me was very surprised to see ur name on the blog... made me run back to school days... heh heh... still have 1 more year to go in univ b4 i pass out... my email id is sagnik.ghose@gmail.com. do mail me if possi... my blog is http://sunnydoodles.blogspot.com.

chalo then... see ya later...

Love, laughter n keep the faith...

hey anonymous...before you start off on these sanctimonious lectures on other peoples feelings and other such holier-than-thou bullcrap, have the decency to post in your own name, or assumed identity, or whatever. anonymous comments are all spam, no matter how self-righteous they are
@samitda tumi hero acho :)
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