Tuesday, April 05, 2005

2 2 Lovely 1s (to two lovely ones) 

I met Arnab and Puja today. They've been married for a little more than 2 months now. They were amazing hosts; Puja was an amazing cook; their wedding video was hilarious; the chocolate sauce with cream was oooh la la la ... but ... but what was most amazing was that they were HAPPY. I often think I'm happy but seeing the two of them I realized that there's a very different level of happiness. A level which you could see in Puja's eyes every time Arnab mentioned her name. A level of happiness that was evident from Arnab's sincerity in offering help every time Puja went towards the kitchen. A level of happiness that translated to gleaming smiles when they narrated the inside info on their wedding video. They were showering in the fresh pours of happiness and a few drops fell on me and that's enough to make me feel happy for now. Happy enough to make an otherwise immature, self(ish)-centered, goofy graduate student think for once how much fun it might be to actually get married. (Mummum doesn't read my blog but if she did she would jump in glee at this point.)

This is wishing the wonderful couple a very happy married life. Let the smiles flow and the joy splash. Time for a bash!

Aah yes, marital bliss, despite all the martial follow-ups, is definitive happiness! So here's me wishing them all the best too.
And, well, I do wish that your Mom gets to visit your site sooner or later...:)
@biplab - i think without knowing abt the site itself Mummum is on her foot - I wonder what she migt do if she gets to know abt the site :)
Lovely mail!!!

Biplab-May God bless you a wonderful married life even more than you
wish taking you into unstepped higher level of hapiness.
@fishna - thanks :)
Thats coz marriage is real, makes you feel complete and satisfied with the happiness it gives.. the happiness we get out of relationships is temporal and surreal... :D

*shakes head at such philosophical words*
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