Monday, April 18, 2005

Adding salt and pepper with a dash of tabasco sauce on you woes 

Aren't you surprised by the fact that the guy sitting next to you always knows more abt anything you might have a problem with. Anything! I mean ANYTHING!

You're having a financial crunch? Just ask your broke friend who has already borrowed some money from you to pay his bills and he'll definitely have some invaluable gem to add in to your empty wallet. "You know what you should do Sagnik?" he ruminates. "I think the problem is that you're not saving properly." Hmmm! I seriously dint guess that - I thought that my finances were facing a crunch coz I had too much money. Thanks man!

Having girl problems? Even if your friend is gay he'll add in his 2 pence. "You know what women want?" Ok! Firstly, nobody knows what women want and even if somebody did what are the chances it'll be the one guy who's next to you. He might not have seen a woman, he might be thinking that an orgasm is an art form where you make structures out of paper, he may have taken his girl friend for their first date to a meat shop but still he'll have enuff information to keep you occupied for hours :)

Also what is most ironic is that you get the most amount of advice when you least want it. Imagine you just broke your car's clutch. You're sitting and making incessant posts abt it on your blog (now who does that???) and your friend starts on how it's an art to get the exact coordination between the clutch and the accelerator; on how he loves an automatic car and how you're pressing the breaks too much. Another gem is that these people always begin their advice with either "Ok! Don't take this otherwise ..." or "Don't mind but ..." or "I wasn't going to tell you this but ...".

Well, if you weren't planning to tell me and you think I might take it otherwise and might mind - then why why why would you tell me that? Mummyyyyy!

And adding more to that...we're all consultants...gyaan dena hamara janam-siddh adhikar hai!
@ideasmith - totally agree. we would have been one of the richest naions if there was a tax on gyaan :)
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