Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool 

Well, there's already been quite a few attempts on me for April Fool's Day. Back in school this day used to be a big thing with students trying all sorts of things followed by the highly entertaining "April Fool .. go to school ... tell your teacher you are a big fat fool .." song :) In the past few years Bubin has pulled off quite a few good ones on me - my personal favorite being the time he described to me in excruciating detail how a monkey was on the run in our locality and the local BJP body tried to ensure that no force was used to capture the animal. As far as this time is concerned, I helped D fool his new lady love and saw through C's prank. I had a good mind to tell some people that I'm seeing someone and name some girl they knew but the whole idea of these folks calling up the girl to offer their sympathy scared me :) So here are some cool things you can do today:

1. Tell the girl you secretly love that you love her and if she says "No" just say, "April Fool ..." and laugh it off.

2. Tell your boss that he is nasty and you think you need a raise and if it fails say, "April Fool banaya, sab ko mazaa aya ..."

3. Proposition to your girl friend ideas that you'd never do if you weren't a true fool and see if there's a faint chance of her agreeing.

4. Bend down on one knee in front of your lady love, let her give you that almost knowing-almost expecting million dollar smile and then get up and bend down on the other knee ... and repeat this exercise till you loose some weight or a girl friend :)

5. Take your friends for what you would claim is a treat and then remind them of the prank minutes before paying (make sure you don't have enuff money or credit cards on you to prevent them from forcing you).

#4 was brilliant - simply brilliant! you MEAN, MEAN man!
@anon - :) what do you MEAN?
Er, you want to watch out for number 4, maybe? She may grin and bear it but the day you decide to get down on one knee for real, she just might spring a surprise on you :)

Unrelated song playing in the background - Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait! You'll be sorry, but your tears'll be too late! :)
@megha - if youare fit after all the lunges, you can just scoot at an alarming speed :)
Hmm, starting to sound more like 'How to lose a girlfriend in 10 seconds' :)
@megha - the moustache sporting hero looks at the angry mother of the girl and says with a melancholic tune playing in the background "that's no gonna scare me much. i anyway dont have a girl friend." :))
And as the violins in the background and the violence in the angry mother's eyes build up to a joint crescendo, she looks at Chiranjeevi and says - No girl friend? After all those lunges? Gee, I wonder why? :)
>>@megha - if youare fit after all the lunges, you can just scoot at an alarming speed :)

If thats the intention, I guess it doesnot need to be Arpil 1st to be a fool. That would make him a all-year-long-fool.
But if done on a April 1st, that would make him a fool and also with no girl friend....ouch!!
maaa maaaa mujhe aaf kar do maaa! :)
#4 was truly awesome...shall try it someday :)
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