Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Body Part(s) I 

So you have a special liking for certain body parts, eh? Here's my deep analysis.

1. If you have that special fascination for the legs - it's an up-heel task.

2. You have a thing for narrowing waists - what a waste!

3. Tight stomachs are your thingy - please abs-tain from such desires.

4. Aha! I smell you like the nose. Who nose what I'm going to do with u!

5. Silky hair is your desire - you know they say - "hair today, gone tomorrow".

Shaggy, here are my lame attempts to u r wonderful post-
If u r the eyes person; u might as well sing ice,ice,baby!

Be the bust-person, as long as u dont get busted for it.
And the winner is Sagnik!!
@ari - that was the bust ooops sorry best one :)

@anon - winner of what :( where's my prize??
one from the other side -

if you like a strong bicep, then you are finished by sep-tember

(sinks through floor in embaressmanet)
methinks u should all look into the brain (or the lack of it) to understand where namesake gets these zany ideas from...

Nice post, Bad idea for a TV Cartoon, definitely unsuitable for people under 12...

as mama used to say, get the (w)holesome picture;)

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

Long long ago I had a fascination for the butt... but I guess now its behind me!
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@sagnik - thank you thank you - now you have made me all blushy - all you have to do now is ask me out :))

@ajay - :)) nice! please come "back" with more stuff :)
Lolz !!
..**joins hands and claps..**
@debalina - thank you :)
well, if it was not for Debalina's Blog, I would never have noticed that mine was a 101 posts old!!!

mez happy... something about if someone suddenly gets something which he does not expects, one happiness is doubled...

Love, laughter n keep the Faith

Are owls obsessed with hooters too? :)
@namesake - the name is profound ... very profound :)

@jax - hoo ter f**k are you talkin abt man :))
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