Saturday, April 16, 2005

Borrowed Joke 

I normally don't post material provided by other people (unless I manage to hide it well and take all due credit for it myself - muhahhaha). However, this joke Jeanne (my advisor) cracked abt NYC traffic has made every person I mentioned it till now smile. So in true style I shall cite her for the joke :)

Jeanne [1]: It's almost impossible to get parking in NYC. People always look around for parking; even if they aren't interested. A lot of times you see someone leave and you see a free parking spot and you park your car there - even though you're going somewhere else just because "IT'S FREE PARKING AND YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT". Sweet!

[1] Acqua Trattoria. Downtown La Jolla. April, 2005.

I know what she means :) I worked in Manhattan for two months, and came to the conclusion that having a car was actually a disadvantage. :)
Long live the subways!
tumi ki jokey!

I put a link to your blog from my Orkut home.

@rajesh - the only subways i know are the ones that come with lettuce in them :)

@arijit - heh heh. *bad bengali expletive*

@DJ - thanks boss. saala tui achis kothai?
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