Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Caustic Bites 

I was feeling thoroughly bored. So I went on to create two bickering characters (personal experience, eh?). Read, detest ... forget.

She: You don't know how to treat a person.
He: Don't judge me based on how I treat you. Get me a person and we'll decide.

He: You are such a freak.
She: You are just saying that coz I hang out with you.

She: I feel like killing you.
He: Ah! and I almost thought that u don't feel anything.

She: My best friend's ex boyfriend was a bastard and yet he's more compassionate than you are.
He: Your best friend's ex boyfriend was a guy and yet he's more feminine than you are.

He: I have no clue how I stayed with you for so long.
She: Add that to your list of ignorance.

Wish I could find as much humor in those memories ! More power to yer, mate !
She: Ouch that hurt!
He: Underneath every pain, there is pleasure.

He: I have no clue how I stayed with you for so long...
She: You? Stayed? Long????

( phatack!!!)

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

If you're any good at drawing cartoons, you should create a comic strip. :) Caustic Bites makes for a fantastic title.

Or at least do it with a friend who's good at cartooning. This is the kind of thing you could syndicate to newspapers!
@vignesh - the secret is to make things so bitter that in retrospect it all looks better (wow, that was deep and crappy)!

@sagnik & kumari - wah wah! the more the merrier.

@rajesh - you won't believe - I initially thought that this will make an interesting cartoon, specially with characters "he" n "she" but then it sounded way too Hum Tum-ish and so I dint mentioned it :)
Lol...these are nasty zingers..
@IdeaSmith - thank you for the LOL part. Thank you for the nasty part (I assumed you meant it in a good way) :)
She : I read Sagnik's blog daily.
He : He needs a kid.


I just love all these bites ..
Where do you get all the ideas ?

[..still laughing...about to fall down from chair...]
@debalina - behind every prolific blog is a single graduate student :)
I stayed away from "Him 'n' Her" for that reason too :) Your post title is good enough.

You should think about it :)
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