Monday, April 11, 2005

Cheap jokes from the cheap ones 

Two jokes manufactured in our household over the past two days - both bad and both touching on a common theme - we desis.

1. Subs told me that one thing all desis learn after coming to US is to pronounce multi as multai (as opposed to the desi multee). Similarly we say antai for anti. By that logic a Desai is actually a cool Desi. (Come on I liked this one).

2. This one is courtesy me. What do you call your desi partner who has the looks to kill? ... Deci-mate!

or for that matter a deci-maal
@1 : that's how we desis become vi-desis :)
@ari & ag - wah wah! wah wahh!
@Arijit - .. and *that* is the point :)
How to Motivate the Indian cricket team?

"Call few moti's to wait for

That was the PJ I heard today.
@Anonymous - good one :) but I stil think that they will continue to have a 'slim' chance :)
yeah, so that means that I had to go around a full semai circles in order to get into my office...
Just couldn't resist sharing this joke. But then I do not know your email id, so decided to post.

Q. What is RahulDravid's latest statement about Dada?
A. "In the pavilion, first there's God and then there's Dada".

Q. What is Dada's favorite Engilshmovie?
A. Gone in 60 Seconds

Q. What is Dada's favorite hindi movie?
A. AA Aablautchalen.

Q. What is Dada's favorite song?
A. Ekpal ka Jeenaa Phir to hai jaana(Kaho na pyarhai)

Q. What is Dada's favorite food?
A. Maggie (offcourse. He puts Maggie noodles in a pan before going to bat
and he comes back just in time when it is ready)

Q. What did Dada say when he was asked, Why is it always necessary to wear protection(helmet silly)?
A Two minutes of fun can ruin your life otherwise.hehe

Q. Dada teaching his daughter ABC.
A A for Awkward bounce, B for Bowled, C for caught, D for Dadagiri.

Q. what is the similarity between 100 m race and Dada's innings?
A. Both take same time to complete.

Q. Easiest way to get Dada out?
A. just bowl to him. He will get out anyway.

Q. How can Dada score century in cricket?
A. By bowling 10 overs.. he will give away 100 runs

Q. Which is the best team in the world?
A. India of course plays with 10 people ( dada cant bat, bowl or field)
and still wins sometimes.

Q. What shud Dada do after retirement?
A. Become catching coach. he offers best catches in the game of cricket.

Q. Why did Dada decide to donate his Bat?
A. He doesn't use it anyways.

Q. Who can beat Dada's record of 2 min at crease?
A. Dada himself if he can improve his running speed.
@anon - that was awesome! me and my apt mates are still laughing our jaws out. thanks :)
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