Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Comment on a comment 

This post is a response to a comment someone posted suggesting that I'm married to my blog. This bonding was suggested coz apparently I devote a fair amount of time to this web region (which is untrue). Yanyway, my inner voice shouted a few woeful "no"s and if you're one of the ones who believe that this blog is indeed Mrs. Nandy, the following arguments should prove you wrong.

1. I don't think this blog's that pretty. Come on - you have to agree!

2. This blog get's a fair amount of attention and comments (often unflattering) from other men. Do you want that to happen to your wife?

3. Women link this blog to their blog(s). Would you like your wife getting linked to other women?

4. This blog is quite shallow. Maybe, so am I :)

5. The blog archives all information that can easily be retrieved later. Imagine your wife showing you proof of every single thing that has ever transpired between the two of u. Naaaah!

6. I make appx two posts a day - that means I two time my blog. Do you think my wife would tolerate that?

7. Once in a while (actually just once) I made a post on another blog. Do you think my wife would have taken me back had I done that openly to her:)

So "anonymous commenter" this blog is more of a fling - rarely what looong terms relationships are made up of. Peace :)

And if I remember correctly you will Definitely NOT like someone find your 'wife' while searching for 'Bengali girls shampooing pics' or 'bangalore call girls cheaper' :)Ki bolo?
Arr Arr... Good one!

That should make the said anonymous commentor happy I guess!

Though life would be decidely simpler, if one could indeed get married to Blogs or some such! *sigh*
@indro - awesome ... and for that matter imagine finding my wife while searching for "pornob mukherjee"

@soup - what'll be even cooler was if there was a high paying job for writing a blog :)
Hey if ur posting twice a day...that's not two-timing, that's doing it twice in a day....get the point????
@Ideasmith - Hmmm! Then maybe I should get married to my blog. Two good :)
Even if we consider you spend lot of time with your blog,then, law of marriage states that :

Spend less time with the one you are married to.
@Debalina - profound woman - now that's deep and an advice I'll seriously keep in mind :)
and for that matter imagine finding my wife while searching for "pornob mukherjee"
School senior niye itna bara inshult.....will get back 2 ya in a bheri bheri ugly way.....
what? pm went to school? :))
in the words of the gr8 man: porey heshe debo...as of now handle the trailer....h...
he he...
getting married to a blog might have some very undesirable resultz...

(a) U might end up with kids named no-url-left-I, no-url-left-II, and so on...

(b) U might have to refresh her before u check for any new messages (methinks u might marry an answering machine... that dznt need refreshing!!!)

So, get married to a blogster instead, so u can have a happy bloggymoon...

Okay, I know I am overshooting...

Love, laughter n keep the faith...

Sagnik (Ghose):)
Hilarious ....

Tui bahut bhalo likhis :)

@DJ - thank you boss :) ki khobor hero?
Nice :) I musta missed that particular conversation. But these "Do you have a life?" people are beginning to get annoying, no?

Me thinking of marrying my blog, though :)

1. It's not all about looks. But anyway, she's getting a makeover soon :) (See? You get to dress her up if you know how ;) )
2. Do you want a wife that no other man finds interesting?
3. Would you rather that your wife have only other men as friends?
4. I think just like my blog does. Well, most of the time, anyway :)
5. From what I hear, your wife will show you "proof of every single thing that has ever transpired between the two of u" anyway. At least here you have the administrator's access to delete dangerous posts :)
6. As IdeaSmith says, doing it twice a day is not a bad thing :) (I must start posting more often...)
7. I haven't guest-posted yet :D

Is that wedding bells I hear? Sweetheart, main aa raha hoon! :D
@rajesh - man, that comment put's my post to shame. Come on you should post this on ur blog too. In a way we will be sharing wives then :))
Dude, no putting to shame and all at all! My comment was only inspired by your own post :) So the credit is all yours!

And of course, as the old hindi movie title says - Meri Biwi Sirf Meri Hai. ;)

(At this point, hindi movie hero generally says - "Tune agar uski taraf aankh uthakar dekhne ki bhi jurrat ki, to main teri aankh nikaalkar tere haath mein pakda doonga". *shudder* Kill Bill anyone?)

[Translates to: "Look at her and you'll end up looking at your own hand". Or something to that effect.] :D

{Apologies to the non-Hindi-speaking readers on this blog}
@Rajesh - cool! shall stay away from your wife. no wife - no strife :)
O my my!!! Never thought my simple comment would generate a new blog and then be flooded with comments :)

Anyways Sagnik my comment was just for fun. Take it easy.

But I must admit you sure have the talent of writing something about nothing. You are like 'Seinfield'!!


I guess that name suits me for now.
@Anon - Oh! Choh! I take these things really lightly. If at all anything, I should be thankful to you for the comment which led to othis post.

As far as comparing me with Seinfed is concerned - sorry, can't take that lightly. After all it's one of the best compliments I've received on this blog :) Thanks.

i came across ur blog accidentally..great one u hav got here

i also hav one..not a blog bt a forum..and i am more or less married to it too..hehe

cant b blamed anyways..its pretty addictive

see u all again
Hahaha... I absolutely love this... brains you have man to come up with stuff like this! Now I can link it on my blog and show to people that its not my husband!!! Yeah!!!
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