Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dressed for the job 

G was running around yesterday to look "just fine". "I'm going for some opening ceremony where a lot of ppl from the field of genetics will be there. We've been asked to dress formally. No casuals." she said with a tone of urgency. "That's strange," I said. "You're meeting genetic engineers and they don't want any jeans???" And this post was born :) What if ...

The referee in the soccer ground strongly disapproved of ties.

The sign outside the lawyer's office said "No more suits please".

The strict athletics coach told his tired team - "no more pants".

In the annual shareholder's meet they announced that "We strongly discourage shorts."

In the high end British Tea Tasting meet the sign read, "No T's please!"

What if ...

Genetics and Biochemistry people are pretty casual about the dressing. Infact, formals are a big no-no unless u have an industrial background. Last year the conference I attended, President of the American Assoc.of Plant Biologists gave the inauguaral speech in bermudas, flip-flops and a hawaai-shirt...there u go.
@ari - sir, aap to bahut cool hai. that calls for a (re)treat!
Imagine people wearing dhoti/ lungi and sando genji for business meets ;)
Or going back to basics and following the Aadhi Manav trend :)))
or... for that matter, doctors walk around with a walkman around their neck instead of the stethoscope, and bermudas and hawaaian t shirts... saying... "Yo! Wassup with the dude???"

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

ok - dont kill me for this one , but i have one more to add to the list - i shall forewarn u its no where as funny as your examples - and very very bitchy - but who cares:

How about Sagnik throwing a beach party - with no G strings allowed!
@debalina - i have seen people in lungis when the busines is "meat"

@manchus - ooops! you should not see some of my uncles then :)

@namesake - hmmmm! hmmmm! hmmmm!

@Chitr - that was awesome - really nice one :)
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