Friday, April 15, 2005

The French Connection 

Went out for a wonderful dinner with Jeanne & Larry (my advisors) and the two French visitors (let's say X and Y) who are visiting my lab. Red wine was ordered. The server asked X for his id. Y was spared the trouble. On the way back X, Y and I were traveling in the same car and this interesting conversation took place.

Y: Sagnik, what is the legal drinking age in California?
Me: 21.
Y: Wow! X, you look really young for them to ask you for an id.
Me: Actually, the menu said that they ask any guy younger than 30 for an id.
Y: Wow! I look really old for them to not ask me for an id.

Amusing :)

me wonders why u have the title of the post as The French Connection...

hmmmmmmm... ;)

love, laughter n keep the faith

Lol...u have a real eye for all these lil funny moments in life. Keep them coming!
@namesake - let's not even get in there :))

@ideasmith - thank you :) i just have an idle mind and open ears :)
"Wow you look really young to have a Idle mind and open ears" ;-)
@indra - "idly" speaking yes , but i am an exception :))
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