Sunday, April 03, 2005

Glimpses from cusineyland 

A Sunday afternoon. The graduate student sits in one corner of the Indian restaurant in what has now become almost a weekly event - his "eat and observe schedule".

* A table of five. The husband, wife, a little kid who looks amused and bemused at the same time and the parents of the man. The son looks proud and he should be. The parents had only heard abt the glories of San Diego and here they were - eating Indian food in a land far away from home. The father was explaining the "things" to the mother, who in turn was nodding an awed nod. They were rejoicing every moment because their turn would only come next after the daughter-in-law's parents had made their trip. That would be a while ... after all the couple had just bought a condo and interest rates were getting interesting.

* The fat man was sporting a fancy shirt, a gold chain and a new wife. The wife and the chain were both glowing. The wife was wearing more gold than her native place in India had - because some of them were bought during the ten hour halt-over at Singapore. However, she told everyone back home during her weekly phone call that "Singapore is a beeeeooooootifoool place". The husband told her what the best items in the menu were, before settling for the buffet. The wife did not know what to say - so she ate.

* The little kid was getting restless. "What is this called Momma?" she asked again. "Beeeendeeee?" she enquired, making it sound more like the Hindi word for the vegetable named after her finger. "Reena," the mother screamed. "Don't touch it. You look lovely and it's called a bindi ... bindi." "Beeeeendeeee!" the girl repeated ... or not quite.

* The cool group entered. I have seen them before. Actually no. Not them but the same specie - Homo Technologist. They all work in making cell phones better or so they all say. They were the "cooler" group. They wore khaki shorts, with many pockets ... most of them empty. Two of them even wore a cap ... carefully turned the other way round - that was cool. They walked in with a clamorous gait. The shop was supposed to rejoice their presence. They sat in the table next to me. They looked at me, angry at the lack of awe in my eyes. Then they sat, ate and shouted and shouted a little more.

The sad thing is that all these sights are likely to be me in a few years.
The good thing is that I still am not any of them.

Naah..i doubt if it will...
Here's for the good getting better :)
thank you friend - thank you!
Ah, nice! You ought to settle for another career, which is not being a PHd Geek! :)
@soup - so do i send you my resume (little baby with eager eyes and food smudged below his lips looks up at the teacher) ??? :)
I only come up with bright suggestions, the how of it, you figure! :)
Typical teacher, then :)

Sagnik, cool post :) You should write more fiction :)
@soup - like a true student I shall quote a great man - "typical techer, then" :))

@rajesh - thanks! coming from the man of fiction i take it as a big compliment. this work is more like "faction" - fiction based heavily on facts :)
Great man (I'll assume that was me)! Man of Fiction!

Will the compliments never stop? :P

Faction (though I'm sure Mr Webster will not take too kindly to you recycling one of his words) is the best kind of fiction if you ask me :) You get to make fun of anyone at all, by putting an "All characters and places in this story are a work of fiction..." disclaimer on top :)
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