Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Heavy Wait 

"I've been waiting for more than an hour now. Don't you even have the slightest amount of decency?"

These were the kind of lines that led to my present single status. But I look at it this way - I had reached a point where I was anyway waiting for two to three hours to meet the person concerned. Now I don't wait, but still bump into her every two to three hours :) This also brings the added advantage of you not having have to answer the queries of all those acquainted bystanders who smile and ask you "Waiting, eh?" "No. I really love this spot. So every now and then I just come here to smell it. Happy?" I would murmur to myself.

However, this post is hardly abt the wait. It's abt what follows - the explanation. Over the years I've been amazed (if not marveled) at the excuses women use to justify their delays. To a guy (and that means me) none of those things sounded time consuming but the sincerity and casualness with which women justified them made me wonder.

"Oh! I was choosing which skirt goes well with this top," she'd say and look surprised at the fact that I didn't guess the reason myself.

"Oh! Rita came to my room. I was giving her some advice."
"What advice?"
"Oh! Girl stuff."
"What???? Why couldn't Rita give you the simple advice that someone is waiting outside for you."

"Come on! I dozed off. That must have happened to you too."
"Yes, it has BUT NOT AT 11 IN THE MORNING."

The interesting thing however is that men are always early. We sincerely feel that the World population is skewed. Make your lady love wait and you'll be left with no lady and no love - that's the simple philosophy we believe in. Some guy is always waiting for her - waiting for you to make her wait.

Moreover, we lack the courage to come up with these excuses. Ever been late for your girl friend's dance performance and just said "Oh! I was wondering which soap to use tonight?" That my friend will destroy you. So try it at your own risk and specially not at home where you have glass items at a hand's reach :)

So to all those men who thought that once they meet their lady love the "Wait is Over" - think again. The wait is just starting.

These days when I wait for my Husband to come and pick me up (we carpool) I have heard ladies passing by comment. Waiting for husband? You know how men are!!
I guess that is their perception. For me I like to wait..I catch up on my reading.

Since you are talking about scenario before marriage..i am sure girls do make the guy wait or maybe it just happens.
wait..weight..wet..wit..which,when would we want???
@anonymous - who are you? everyday i get these pearls of wisdom from someone without knowing who this perso is :( enlighten.
Don't even get me started. Don't. Really. You wouldn't like me when I rant. Especially about the Her's of this world, being late.

@Vignesh - now you are speaking my language :)
Random conversation between two hep chicks (HP's) from a certain arid state in India, in a college know for its glamour quotient (but not much else) in Calcutta

HP1: Whaat happained to you, yaaar? Why you're not talking to Rajiv.
HP2: Oooooh, don't mention that name to me. Yesterday I was supposed to go and see flim with him, and he MADE ME WET FOR 20 MINUTES.

Some guys, I tell you - the gall.
@ani - i believe i know which college you are alluding too and you have to just go to the multiplexes in Kol now to see a crowd of such conversations taking place - all starting with "you know na" and revolving arounf their "heppening" boy friends - aaaargh!
Aah/aargh, Bhaggu...
And I thought "you know naa" was confined to Maru Aunties only, but then, ah well, for to-be Maru Aunties as well, I guess.
@Biplab - my fav bhaggu joke goes "everyone who walks out of bhaggu is a millionaire, everyone who enters bhaggu had more than a million" :)
Ahem...but i did spend quite a few hours outside a certain men's hostel till the concerned one shaved, showerd n came out in those same dirty pair of jeans n stuffy t-shirt...

But then as Milton says : "They also serve, those who stand and wait" :)
@kumari - look at what little Kumari has done - taken my crappy post and made it classy suddenly :)
In keeping with the jokes, our mutual friend, Mr. Basu was surprised when a nosy classmate asked him in the middle of a bus journey -

"Sooo, Samit. When did you and your girlfriend first mate?"
@ani - it's such a mate-r of fact question and you are poking fun at him - very sad
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