Friday, April 15, 2005


Romanticism juxtaposed with crass - yeah! That's the flavor for the day :) Enjoy (or loathe) these morning musings with a twist.

You make me dream with open eyes
You make me speak in silent sighs
You stir the passions I dint know dwell
If only you dint have that obnoxious smell


Those waterfall eyes with raging charm
Those dove wing arms that spread the calm
Nectar lips that doth drip n ooze honey
And bugs bunny teeth that make you look funny


Lush green meadows, the unspotted sky
Wind combing the grass, not a cotton cloud nigh
The image hummed melody, music had started
When the little lamb kid - suddenly farted


She looked into his eyes
A heart full of words
Tremoring hands to match
Still wondering what to say
While he whispered into her ears
"Don't worry - I'm gay!"


Very funny!! Remember to save them for next February... You can mint money as the anti-Hallmark!!
Vikram Seth theke inspired???
@urmea - thank you :) could definitely do with some extra money!

@chitra - oman you know i don't read - and one advantage of that is i can't be blamed for plagiarism :)
oww! what a thud each stanza ended with.... effective!
@m. - thanks, thud made me feel nice :)
me thinks u got marriage on ur mind... all u can think of is romantic thoughts and sex...

that is, if u havent got a casanova streak in u...

he he... just kidding...

Love, laughter n keep the faith


Reminded me of some stuff that used to go around in school ....

lines for that special first date:

Your eyes are like magnets,
They attract each other

Your teeth are like stars,
They're so far apart


-- cherry
The first one used to apply to one of our batchmates. :) Don't know the current status ...

- DJ
LOL! These are fantastic! Unfortunately, they're also classis email forward material. Let's see how many days before they land in my mailbox :D
@namesake - the problem is that i have nothing in my mind :)) that's why such posts

@sridhar - woah! what a surprise! your examples are like twin blondes - two good :)

@DJ - hmmmm :) showers are showering these days.

@rajesh - at least now i am moving 'forward'.
he he... people say that when u got nothing on ur mind, then u got everything on ur mind... how true is that???


love, laughter n keep the faith

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