Monday, April 11, 2005

Lines a guy gets scared hearing from his lady love 

1. I think we need to talk (you know what they wanna talk abt - don't you?)

2. It's been 29 days and still there are no signs of it (you're shit scared; that's it - period)

3. There is someone else (that actually means there are a lot more than just some "one").

4. What have you done for me ?(this actually means "dude, whatever you think you've ever done for me - too bad! you won't get a chance to do it again")

5. I was looking through your stuff and found something ... (and somehow that "something" is never a $100 bill, never a DVD that was overdue, never a favorite T shirt you couldn't find ...)

1. Yup yup !
2. Oh dear !
3. And it also means, its not you ;)
4. Yeah, they forget real easy !
5. "Whatever you find of mine, you can keep. Can I have the 20 odd tops/pants/various other bloody accesories back ? Think garage sale."
Common..is it always like this ?
Not so scary... :$
You have a chance to get rid of them..don't you ?

you missed out on that all important "Honeeeey..." part...

something else, if these people say yes, they mean no, when they say no, they mean no and when they say "lets think about it", they mean "Ok, I am saying no, and just u wait till you do something I am saying no to..."

he he

Love, laughter n keep the faith...

@Vignesh - thanks man for filling in on the list. Each of the two word phrases u described have a million unfathomable thoughts hidden behind them. true - we will never get them :)

@debalina - oh! in my case i don't even have a chance to get close to them :))

@namesake - yes very true! or should i say no very true :)
What if the guy uses the same lines to scare his lady love. Will she get scared at all or shall readily dump him? And is the guy always insecure in a relationship? Just a question.
@Arijitda - na! apparently men can neither scare or care in a relationship :( ... as far insecurity is concerned ... too serious a topic for moi to have any idea abt :)
tumi ekta deepak chopra type hote paro on all these issues...i need some share though in the profits.
From my experience, guys do scare with these lines ..but later lady doesn't care.
@debalina - the average of your complete knowledge of the female mind and my complete ignorance abt it what a standard man needs :)
What if a guy says the same to the girl?

Here are the possible responses.
(at least the way I would respond!)

1. I have been thinking too.
2. N/A
3. I thought so. I somehow had this feeling.Anyways, good for you (if it is a BF...Gals usually have this instinct )
else (if it is the Husband)

WHAT the hell???????

4. What haven't I done for you....start the list...and take control of the conversation. (Women love to be in charge)

5. Where did you find that? I was looking for that for a long time....I agree that I am forgetful...i shall try to be more organized.

Girls usually aren't scared about such conversations.

@Anon - very very interesting! I'm guessing you are a woman and YES - you folks are a lot calmer amidst a firing of questions
You got it right.

Either we are calm and composed in such situations or we use our 'Brahmastra' to cry :)

Crying just drains you of the feelings and sometimes it just gets the guy on track.(not always!!)
Hey Anon, about (5) above, the average female answer would be "How dare you go through my stuff? Can't I have any privacy? Don't you trust me? Why are you so suspicious? Don't you love me anymore? I hate you! Go away! Leave me alone! I never want to see you again!" - with her voice rising from a hoarse whisper to a scream, and culminating in an ear-splitting shriek at a pitch that you thought only Mariah Carey could achieve.

Or maybe I've had too much TV.
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