Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A little piece of news 

Well! I don't really like to talk much abt what I do in my personal life on this blog. My blog is largely abt my views rather than my actions (that sounds like a nice line). Yanyway, I landed a job in a company I described to my advisors a year back as "my dream job" (and it still is). The developments were taking place for the past one month (can you believe that one of my interviews actually involved a discussion abt blogs) and my official acceptance reached them today. So needless to say - I'm super excited. I'm refraining from giving any further details coz as I said - I don't think people care much abt what I do beyond the stuff that I write here (not that they care much abt that either). There are still several important steps left (including a PhD that has to be completed) but i'm reallllllly thankful to GOD.

Back to meaningless blogging again!

i thought u knew how to Thank on such an occassion .. have to re-search u r blog for that post :D
And congrats to u on landing in u r dream job.
someone once told me that nice things happen to nice people ... i wonder if you remember?
@chava - thanks a lot.

@aon - i have no idea who you are but i do quote that line a lot and very firmly believe in it. thanks.
@Anon - maybe i know who you are (correct me if i'm wrong - bits, cse, art) and if you are who i think you are then i am very sure that excellent things will happen to you :)
Congrats Sagnik for your dream job! Wish you all the success ahead.

Hope you will continue blogging after you get busy with your job...unlike lazy me :)

Now you left us in suspense, ok suppose if we care do you mind spilling the beans...
wow! that was some guess! dont know what flatters me more - the fact that you remembered or that you associated me with 'art' :)
- the 'bits-cse-art' anon
@manchus - thanks a lot! na na - i mentioned na - even my interview had mention of blogging :)

@ratna - thank you very much! i don't think i'll talk any more abt it :) things are still in a very early stage. if by the grace of GOD all works out well then surely more info shall be given

@anon - yeaaah! i'm totally kicked with myself for being able to guess :) and yes ... thank u again for the phase where your art came to my rescue (and i also reaized what a nice person you are) :) AND if i remember right - I STILL OWE YOU GUYS A TREAT ;)
ekdom darun! congratulations. which city are u going to be in?
@antara - thank you! if things go well should be arnd west coast only. lesse.
Congratulations! Congratulations!CONGRATULATIONS!
There are dreamers & achievers; while the former dream of achievements, the latter achieve their dreams.

Kudos to Mr. Nice Guy for being one of the latter:)
Once again, Heartiest Congrats!

but west coast? Just when i pack my bags to reach the East, you move West? :p
@kumari - thanks a lot :) hey, where are you coming? and btw ... i always stayed in west coast :)
Congratulations... and Celebrations...
I want the World to know You are happy as can be...
(dum dum de dum...)

Thapack! (Thats the sound of me falling from too much beer!!!)

Hey Dada! I know I am Kinda far away for a treat... but the least you can do is visit my blog!!! whatsay???

he he...

Love, laughter n keep the faith

24 yrs and i still don't know the Indian topography..so kindly eshus me for assuimg SD is on the East coast :) Mesa will brighten the North-East coastline from June 20th :)
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at the risk of sounding utterly cliched...Congrats! :D
@namesake - thanks! and i do visit your blog - actually even before you started visiting mine through debalina's blog - just have been lazy updating my blog list :)

@kumari - aha! the big Day approaches. any chance of an invitation, free food or good old money :))

@shub - to quote a lady "at the cost of sounding utterly cliched" thank you very much :)
Congratulations, and celebrations.. now that calls for atleast a e-party with e-wine and e-dine and lot of blogging.

[Only difference I know being a geo-hater, is that East Cost is cold while West is REALLY HOT ;)]

Perhaps, you are the only one I know, who got his dream job.
Its a different story all together that I don't know what is my dream job.
Another feather in u r glittering crown....Congrats God!
@debalina - e-xactly :) now dream job is a changing term. i still wanna mak movies some day or write a book and stuff but for now i am really thankful to GOD for giving this dream shape

@ari - na boss! i'm like yankee doodle - crown nahin hai - just wear a cap :)
Aha.. and I know what company it is... :D

Congrats anyways.. albeit a lot late.. :)
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